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Powerful Leverage

for Being

A Freedom-Based Human





Dr. Catherine Pellecchia Perry




About a decade ago, I was in a Toastmasters meeting listening to a fellow speaker. “What if a human could be like a battery?” he asked.


My hand shot up high. Like a third-grader bursting to impress the teacher, I blurted, “I AM THAT, I mean…WE… CAN...DO—that”


The room was instantly quiet.


Out of respect for the speaker, I chose not to respond to the sudden sparkle in everyone’s eyes. I had an audience, but it was someone else’s turn.


 I knew what it is like to be a human battery!


I was an intuitive healer and powerful manifestor. I’d recently completed my doctorate of divinity specializing in the Spiritual Healing Arts—a perfect way to way to mingle and collaborate with like minds and to hone my metaphysically-based skills among some of the best energy healers in the world.


I’d developed my natural abilities and become a Reiki Master-Teacher, Karuna Ki Master-Teacher, Seven-Rays Healer, and sort of a Roto-Rooter for clogged Chakras and log-jammed subconscious minds.


My colleague was talking about the possibility that people might evolve to be able to “use their own life force energy” to power up things or heal people and stuff like that.


Enthusiastic and eager, I reveled in the idea of telling people about Reiki and other human-battery related phenomena.


I was, however, curious about the value of sharing my wisdom with the masses. I was willing to reveal what I knew as long as the purpose was for the highest possible good for humanity.


I was on the verge of publishing my coming-out-of-the-spiritual-closet book: Courageous Wake. (I now understand that writing that book was necessary far beyond anything I’d imagined.)


 From my experience, humans are capable of creating and changing any reality in any category of life.


I had seen miracles manifest in my own life, in my office, and in thousands of clients’ lives—improved health, increased prosperity, relationship upgrades, attracting better jobs, watching fear evaporate, walking in a new, calm, assertive and unshakeable confidence, living a truly freedom-based life, and happiness-out-the–wazoo!


My intuition was clear regarding telling the Toastmasters  speakers’ group about life force energy:


Share this information with those who resonate and who are open-minded, willing to receive what you have to communicate. This group is ready and eager to receive. Discern with impeccable integrity and keep listening to your intuition.

I did go ahead and share what I knew with the group, and I was happy to discover that my showing up and speaking up was significant. Based on the positive comments and interest of those people, I knew my role was to follow my intuition to share my  wisdom with them, in that exact moment, with  people who were seeking the exact information that I’d conveyed. I knew they showed up for more that a toastmasters meeting.


Serendipity! I love it.


 This article is for those of you who  resonate with and are curious about the subject of being a “human battery,” a catalytic converter with ability to create a life you truly enjoy, a life where you experience yourself:


Being the way you truly want to be,


Having what you truly desire to have,


Doing what you truly want to do,


And, feeling the way you truly want to feel with the people you REALLY like and love to be with.


One of the most potent tools for creating what I call the Freedom-Based Life, a life where all of the above four items are happening for you, is called Reiki.


Here are the basics:


What is Reiki? How can a person learn to use it?


And how can you and others benefit by experiencing and/or practicing the healing and manifesting art called Reiki?


Reiki, pronounced RAY’– kee, is a Japanese word meaning Divine or Universal Life Force—Yes, like “The Force” in the Star Wars movies. The Ki is the same energy source as used in the martial Arts such as Karate, Judo, and Kung Fu.


It is the Chi referred to in Chinese Medicine.


It is the Universal energy that flows during Yoga.


One could say that Reiki is the power comes from the Trinity or Holy Spirit referred to in some of the religious systems—like the one (Catholic) I practiced as a child.


The name Reiki refers to both the Universal energy and its use as a spiritual healing art. Reiki is one of many flavors of highly effective healing, transformation, and manifestation paths.


Reiki is the infinite, powerful, unlimited energy Source that is the creative basis for, connected to, flowing within, and vibrating throughout everyone and everything.


This energy comes from the Primary Source that creates, transforms, and expands Universes.


Is this the power of God? Yes.


Is it Consciousness? Yes.


There are so many cultures with words and metaphors given to this Source: The Light, Prana, Qi, Mana, Orgone, Angels, Higher Self, Jesus, Isha, I Am, Krishna, Om, Great Spirit, Christ Consciousness, Great Goddess, Divine Matrix, Love, Prime Creator, The Field, Pure Consciousness, and more.


Reiki, rediscovered and developed in Japan in the early 1900s, is now widely used globally. New York City’s Sloan-Kettering Hospital reportedly has their own in-house Reiki training protocols for their medical personnel.


The practice of consciously channeling (wielding, flowing, intending) the Divine Life Force for healing and love-based manifesting precedes history and has been used by cultures all over the world.


A person becomes a Reiki Practitioner by directly channeling the wisdom and ability during meditation or randomly having an “awakening experience.” (These experiences are varied and subjective.)


Most commonly, a person becomes a Reiki practitioner by receiving training from an RMT (Reiki Master-Teacher). The RMT instills an attunement—a process of opening the student’s energy field (aura, electro-magnetic) and transferring the ability to channel the energy for the benefit themselves or others.


The attunement process causes the student-practitioner to be an open and effective conduit or channel for the powerful healing energy. This most compassionate and loving energy enters via the top of the head. Then, The energy is guided down into the core of the student’s torso all the way to the base of the spine.


The RMT completes the attunement by guiding the energy to into the student’s heart. Then, from the heart, the RMT is flowing Reiki to and throughout the student’s arms and hands. The RMT then activates the student’s hands causing an open flow from the center of the student’s palms.


Immediately following the attunement process, the students notice their hands becoming warm, hot, and/or tingling. The RMT guides students to practice their new skills on themselves and with each other.


The training also prepares the student-practitioner to be a healing facilitator with a great sense of personal responsibility as well as respect, unconditional positive regard, love, and compassion for themselves and all of Humankind, Animals, Earth, and the Universe.



Here Are Some of the Benefits of Practicing and Receiving Reiki:


*Based on my personal experiences, fellow Reiki Masters & Student Practitioners’ reports, and feedback from .thousands of clients from all over the world



Creates deep relaxation and peace-of-mind


Produces solid self–esteem, social-esteem, and self-confidence


Elicits enthusiastic action-taking and mega-inspired creativity


Makes it easy for you to powerfully and quickly manifest what you REALLY want


Generates inner happiness, sense of joy, and enthusiasm for life


Increases your flow of financial prosperity and abundance


Sharpens your focus, clarity, intuition, and mental effectiveness                                              


Amplifies your sense of high personal value and self-trust


Acts as catalyst for mindset shifting and profound breakthroughs..


Increases libido, attractiveness, sexual enjoyment, and charisma


Activates production of hair pigment and growth


Maximizes elasticity and tone in skin, muscles, and bodily tissues.


Re-informs DNA, causing cell, tissue, organ, and gland regeneration with rapid production  and distribution of genesis stem cells.


Rejuvenates, fortifies, energizes, and strengthens the whole body.


Activates and integrates youth-gene clusters


Restores mental, emotional, physical, and energetic balance.


Strengthens immune function of humans and animals.


Creates sense of greater connection to the Divine/Source/God


Increases athletic ability, fitness, and performance


Opens the doors to highly influential communication and leadership


Develops sense of group cohesion and collaboration with teams


And so much more…


Anyone can learn to consciously and intentionally channel and direct creation with the sweet creative catalyst, the elixir of elixirs, Reiki (Precious Divine Energy).


 Reiki is limitless in what it can do for humanity, Earth, the Universe, and, of course, for YOU!





Dr. Catherine Pellecchia Perry. MIRACLE WOMAN, is an

Intuitive Spiritual Healer Extraordinaire, Professional Creation Coach/Consultant, Speaker, Entertainer, and Author of the empowering, award-winning book Courageous Wake.


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“You are powerful beyond measure, and you are capable of creating life on your terms as a happy, empowered, and freedom-based human.”


Infinite Blessings,


~ Dr. Catherine – MIRACLE WOMAN