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Divine Leverage

Powerful Leverage for Mastering Your Life


Dr. Catherine P. Perry

What do YOU want to add, change, or delete from your life?

Imagine having a deeper, more intimate relationship with your True Self, your Life Force, The Divinity within YOU.

What if you consistently trust that you are a piece of God-Goddess-All-That-Is, part of the whole Primary Creative Source (with a unique, intelligent, elegant, magnificent, miraculous, and sacred body) ? 

What if you:

Evolve your consciousness even more?

Discover greater inner wisdom?

Have continuous relaxed confidence in your creative potency?


You notice, enjoy, and appreciate your fabulous manifestations?

These questions have been wonderful tools for my evolution and empowerment. My intentions to manifest easily and gracefully in my life and to enjoy the process have led to greater curiosity.

The more questions I ask, the more synchronicities, answers, signs, and other delightful manifestations I receive.

Around 2005, I was very enthusiastic, excited, and amazed at the synchronicities showing up for me: instant answers to my questions, words I saw on license plates, meeting the right people at the right times with the right information, and noticing greater ease in getting what I ask for.

Back then, I didn’t know that I had put myself in a state of 

“Being in the flow.” 

My questions at that time: “Who am I ?", “How do I become the highest expression of myself?,” “What is in me now that makes me SO LUCKY!?!?” and “What question do I need to ask next?” were very important and yielded high returns.

The answers generated more curiosity and willingness to be silent so that I could clearly hear  my intutive guidance. 

Along my path, that intuitive guidance has sent me to many teachers: A mystic in a therapist suit, a myriad of motivational and inspirational speakers, psychics who DID call themselves psychics, enlightened authors, an angel disguised as a soccer coach, a luminary who called herself a life coach, and lots of healers. 

In 2006, I met another teacher.

Finding her was a catalyst to many small leaps and then one HUGE leap in consciousness and spiritual awakening. 

She was a psychic, a healer, a spiritual channel/medium, a Reiki Master, and a DNA Activation Facilitator.

She channeled my spirit guides who said, in reference to my awakening process:

"We’re gonna bake her spiritual cookies!”

I trained with her for 2 years. I entered a mystery school where she taught ALL of the classes: Spiritual energy healing methods…Reiki, Karuna Ki, 7 Rays With Ascended Masters, Psychic Development, Aura Reading, Past life Healing, Chakra Clearing, Feng Shui, Remote Viewing, Mediumship, and more.

She knew my soul. She “knew” things about me that I’d forgotten. Things I could do, my strengths, my good, my talents from past lives. She did an activation on my pineal gland to activate my DNA, to clear the blocks to my menory of who I am and of what I am here on Earth to do.

After working with her, I remembered healing abilities I’d used in past lives. I learned (Acutally, I remembered) that I could bring to the present any talent I want that I had known from other lives. Some people call this process Akashic Mining.

Remembering and mastering my intuitive skills, healing abilities, and trusting my Divine Guidance were the keys to truly enjoying my life in every category.

I know now that anything is possible, miracles are real, and life itself is a process of miracles.

If you are curious about what next step to take along your path to higher consciousness and what coach is the right one, check-in with

Your intuitive guidance, or

Your dowsing, or 

Your muscle testing, or

Notice what bird flies over you (For me it’s a hawk, dove, or eagle) 

Feel your goosebumps and chills of truth or your kundalini rising. 

You clear answer will be given.

 If you are supposed to pick me,

you will know.

Working with me might be the answer to one of those questions.

If you intuition is guiding you to me, have a look at the list below. Do you believe you need to focus on any of these? Or something not on the list?

For yourself and your coaching/healing clients, create stronger, clearer awareness (felt sense) of being connection to and in alignment with the Divine/Source/God-Goddess/Spirit

Enhance your ability 

to BE in the present; effectively train others how to get into the here and now.

Soften processing between your energy healing sessions, ones you receive AND ones you give

Dramatically speed up recovery after surgery, and teach others how to do this

Ignite greater ability to SEE the “bigger picture” in any situation, and easily teach others how to integrate paradigm-shifting processes into your work and personal life

Be effective at clearing your mind of limiting beliefs and paradigms. Be skilled in teaching other how to do the same

Use spiritual healing training to facilitate reversal of or relief from symptoms of menopause 

Generate greater understanding and more positive, effective use of the Universal Law-of-Attraction. Be proficient in teaching these methods.

Be a leader who engenders trust, respect, cooperation, positivity, and  collaboraton within and among groups, teams, neighbors, families, companies, hierarchies, including within politics.

Be effective at helping yourself and other people to alleviate stress and cultivate a more relaxed life

Learn and teach spiritual methods  for quickly manifesting more joy, appreciation, love, and enthusiasm for life.

Develop your skills to train others to have sharper intuitive discernment and decision-making (whom to hire, what short-term and longterm financial investments to make, what property to buy, etc)

Quickly manifest clarity, harmony, peace-of-mind, positive outlook, optimism, and relaxed confidence in yourself and others                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Generate vibrational alignment with increased and faster money-flow with sustained financial empowerment for yourself and others

Enhance your own and others’ creativity, intuition, talents, and ingenuity


Be a master at clearing and resolving past-life, ancestral, karmic, and present-life vibrational causes of problems in any life category.

Increase your own and others’ charisma, vibrational frequency, positive influence, and stage presence 

Elevate your levels of 

self-empowerment, self-efficacy, competency, and proficiency. Be effective at facilitating these for others.


Enhance the physical beauty, youthfulness, and vitality in yourself and others.

Add power to your own

immune system, and develop skills to teach others how to increase the effectiveness of their immune function.


 Be proficient in teaching people how to clear and align their chakras with their higher dimensions.

Expand your self-knowledge, self-trust, trust God, Source, & clear recognition of your highest, most appropriate Spiritual Guidance


to set up your

Programs for Teachers of Teachers

Spiritual Healing Training

Practical Intuition Training

Mindfulness Coaching

Vibrational Tune-Ups


Weekdays, 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM, CST

Price Range for Training:

$333   -   $4444

Thank You For Your Business,

And Thank You For Investing In Yourself!

“I acknowledge you and your innate power to create your life on your terms."

-Dr. Catherine P. Perry, M.Ed, DD, CHt                                              CEO at Catherine P. Perry, LLC


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